We offer learning Japanese not only in Polish, but also in English, French and Japanese itself.
You can connect with us via Skype.
Kakehashi’s lesson is learning Japanese language and many aspects of Japanese culture. Everyone is treated individually, regardless he/she attends private or group lessons. Curriculum is created by our teachers. We use learning materials prepared by teachers themselves, inspired by different Polish, English and Japanese textbooks and websites. We practice all language skills: speaking, listening, writing and reading.
Future students need to take a placement test and an interview.

Lessons/courses in Kakehashi:

  • group or private lessons
  • lesson schedule depends on time left to incoming JLPT date (every year in July and December)
  • course concentrates on practicing skills inevitable during JLPT and speaking

fee: depends on the number of students in a group

  • private or group lessons up to 4 students
  • schedule depends on individual preferences
  • lessons are held at a student’s or a teacher’s home
  • our teachers can reach you in Warsaw, Ząbki, Marki, Pomiechówek i Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki

fee: please contact us

  • group or private lessons “on demand”, when you need e.g. brief repetition before an exam or you want to prepare for a business trip to Japan
  • schedule depends on individual preferences
  • for intermediate or advanced students lessons only with Japanese native-speaker available

fee: please contact us

  • private lessons
  • schedule depends on individual preferences

fee: please contact us